About Ben the Illustrator

The 'AlleyCats' series of art prints were produced by Ben the Illustrator and printed by Ripe Digital. Although renowned for his commercial illustration work, there are very few opportunities to buy art prints by Ben the Illustrator, the AlleyCat prints are one such opportunity. The series of AlleyCat characters are in honour of the different types of people that have inspired Ben in his career to date, from legendary advertising 'ideas people' to aspiring school students.

Ben is a highly experienced commercial artist and designer, known for his creative and understanding approach to illustration, design and animation. For over a decade Ben has enjoyed working on creative projects involving bringing nature to shopping malls, branding hens for animation heroes and creating refreshment for city commuters.

The majority of Ben’s work is produced under the name Ben the Illustrator. Ben balances his solo work with also being one third of Studio B3N, producing animation and motion graphics alongside illustrator/animator Ben Mounsey and motion graphics designer and director Ben Adam. Ben has been noted as an inspiring figure in the creative industry and has gained recognition for his written articles, his collaborative projects and technical tutorials. In 2010 Ben also founded The Mighty Pencil, a refreshing new non-profit organisation that puts together promotional projects to connect talented, professional illustrators with new potential clients.

Ben relishes diversity and welcomes all opportunities; large or small, print or digital, monotone, colourful or outrageous. If you would like to talk to Ben about a creative project you can email him on hello@bentheillustrator.com, alternatively you can catch up with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ben’s Alphabet of Selected Clients

A is for Airside
B is for BBC
C is for Computer Arts
D is for Delta Airlines
E is for Echo Torre Lazur McCann
F is for Fallon
G is for Girl Scouts of USA
H is for Honda
I is for International Contemporary Furniture Fair
J is for JWT
K is for Kruger
L is for Leo Burnett
M is for Monocle Magazine
N is for Nickelodeon
O is for Oxford University Press
P is for PACT
Q is for Qatar Rosewood Hotel
R is for Royal Mail
S is for Smart Cars
T is for TBWAChiatDay
U is for UBS
V is for Virgin Media
W is for Waitrose
X is for XL Recordings
Y is for You Magazine
Z is for Zeixs Publishing